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An Andalusian scenic beautyAndalusian elder narrates: "God created the earth and filled all spots with flowers, trees, bushes and animals. When he was finally ready, he gave a sigh of relief and looked at his creation with satisfaction. Suddenly he noticed one spot was still empty: he had forgotten to fill Andalusia! But he was tired and did not feel like creating new flora and fauna…So he just took the most marvellous natural beauty of each continent and threw it carelessly to Andalusia." You would instantly believe him, this Andalusian elder!

In for a short tour through a couple of nature reserves? (also check out our links page)

xDoñanaxSierra de las NievesxEl Torcalx
xTabernasxEl ChorroxFuente de Piedrax

Parque Nacional de Doñana
Fout bij laden foto 43-doñana.jpgThis nature park was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is one of the most beautiful and most important nature reserves in the whole of Europe. The park covers 54,000 ha and includes a complex system of brooks and small rivers all flowing into the Guadalquivir,the estuary of the latter river and 30 km of coastal area. The different ecosystems, some more interesting than others, constitute a real patchwork that acts as a refuge for a number of threatened animal species (e.g. the lynx and the royal eagle).

Sierra de las Nieves
Parque Natural Sierra de las Nieves
This nature reserve is dominated by the pinsapo, the impressive blue-green Andalusian pine. The wild mountain goats clearly feel very comfortably here as well. Typical of this nature reserve are the countless microclimates, each with their specific flora an fauna, to which the area owes its exceptionally rich biodiversity.

Paraje Natural del Torcal
The phenomenal carstic rock formations one can admireEl Torcal here came into existence 250 million years ago as the result of all kinds of sediment deposits El Torcalon the ocean floor. The Alpine folding brought them to the surface “only” 25 million years ago.
This nature reserve houses a number of very rare plants but it is mostly important in its capacity as resting and nesting area for migratory birds, which is why it has been on the European list of Special Protection Areas for Birds since 1979.

The Yellow Rose SaloonThe little village of Tabernas is located very remotely in the only desert of the European continent. A few kilometres away from the village a typical Wild West village was reconstructed, complete with swing doors in the saloon. This village was used as décor for numerous spaghetti westerns.

El Chorro
Garganta del Chorro
A spectacular natural phenomenon: a cañon measuring over 3 km long, locally up to 10 m wide and no less than 700m deep with almost perpendicular walls. Walking here you get the strange feeling of being completely surrounded by the mountain… Deep below flows the Guadalhorce river. From the Camino del Rey you have a grandstand view of the gigantic proportions of the Garganta.

Laguna de Fuente de Piedra
Laguna de Fuente de PiedraThe lagoon near the village of Fuente de Piedra is the largest one in Andalusia. At a distance of 70 km from the coast you all of a sudden discover saltwater, seagulls and salt-loving plants. You imagine yourself at the Costa… until you notice the countless flamingos!