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Andalusian beauty
Andalusian beauty
Vacation, time to exercise? Then we have good news for you! Every occasional or passionate sports lover can practice sports to his heart’s content in Andalusia! The possibilities are even so numerous that you could practice another sport every day for three weeks in a row.

Segunda División
More passive sports lovers won’t get bored either: Málaga plays football in the Seguna División (second division) and basketball in the Primera División (first division) and the hippodromes of Mijas and Seville (the latter managed by a Belgian businessman) represent major tourist draws.


In Andalusia you can find over 250 signposted and well-maintained walking routes of varying length and difficulty.Walkign path About 40 of them are situated in the province of Malaga. The difference in height generally ranges between 100 m and over 1000 m, and the higher you go the more impressive the view becomes.

cycling – mountain biking
Andalusia also offers about 40 cycling routes of varying length and difficulty. Sports lovers who like to shift into a higher gear will certainly appreciate the routes through the Sierra; cyclists who want to enjoy the scenery in a relaxed manner can opt for flatter routes through the nature reserves.

With 38 golf courses out of a total of 84 in the whole of Andalusia the province of Malaga truly is golfers’ paradise. Both the small, almost familial links with 9 holes and the vast golf links for professional championships are perfectly maintained and open to foreign amateur golfers.

Skiing in the Sierra Nevada
The 39 ski runs in the Sierra Nevada, with a total length of 61 km, are situated between the Pico Veleta (3366m) and the mountain village of Pradollano (1300m). The runs, which hosted the 1996 skiing world championship, are of excellent quality. A number of runs have night lighting.

surfing – windsurfing
Climate, wave and wind conditions are excellent: no wonder numerous surfers come to Southern Spain every year! According to most water sports enthusiasts, the Andalusian coastline is the best coastline in Europe. Want to give it a try? The waves between Tarifa and Cadiz are said to be phenomenal … In addition, the surf schools over there have an excellent national and international reputation.

and more…
Rafting, mountaineering, safaris and survival trips, sailing, waterskiing, canoeing, diving, hunting, horseback riding, fishing… Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it?

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