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El Chorro
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Palm trees in the city
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Andalusian beauty
Herdsman in El Burgo
Water fun
Guadalhorce, Cártama
NatureParadisiacal nature Thanks to the large scenic diversity and the mild temperatures, Andalusia is home to an impressive variety of plants. The variety is in fact so rich and impressive that the Spanish government Floradecided to protect it in certain areas. In the over 80 parks and reserves (nearly 1/5 of the province’s total surface) these magnificent and unique elements of nature have full play and flora and fauna can evolve steadily without falling prey to the progress of society.

Delicious Andalusian melonsTaste also counts In certain areas the olive tree dominates the scenery whereas in other places melons, oranges, lemons, dates, figs and other tropical delicacies turn the landscape in the course of the seasons into a strange mix of sweet scents, bright colours and exotic flavours you will be only too glad to find on your plate afterwards!